Photo credit: Cindy Lin / https://www.andylinviola.com/

  “It’s never easy to make a living anywhere in the world as a musician or an artist.”, said by Andy Lin, a NY-based professional violist and erhuist with undergraduate and master degrees from The Julliard School, doctoral degree at SUNY Stony Brook. Becoming a New Yorker for almost 17 years, Andy instead successfully settled himself in and out of the music industry with a variety of positions in hands—he never gets exhausted from being a busy bee.

  Other than a performer and a teacher, Andy co-founded The New Asia Chamber Music Society (NACMS), which is committed to bringing exceptional performances of the chamber music repertoire drawn from the canon of Western music as well as contemporary Asian culture to audiences. Seeking to create innovative new works partnered with worldwide arts organization, NACMS strives to make impacts by delivering high caliber concerts, community networking through New Asia CMS concerts, and even establishing practical educational programs to cultivate the next generation of young chamber musicians.

  Probably due to his ambition, establishing own startup business has been in Andy’s mind for a long time—he started to think what he really wants to do and how to make impacts on the society during his pursuit of master degree. “The business is still growing and maturing. We’ve raised funds for us to hold some nice concerts as well as workshops and outreach programs, also started an educational program for young artists.”, Andy’s business is going toward the right direction, and moving forward to expand its scale and strengthen its networks in New York.

  Starting one’s own business is never an easy thing to do—only when you are willing to sacrifice a lot of your own time. From Andy’s perspectives, there are four personal traits that are indispensable for people who aspire to start their own business: creativity, open-mindedness, perseverance, and a spirit of adventure. “To start a business…will need to have great connections in order to get the resources needed.”, stated Andy, who deeply believes the significance of being not only social but also sincere to people.

  Andy is always recognized as a “workaholic”; accordingly, balancing the work and personal life has long been an issue for him. “For me, work is my life because I love what I do.” If work is something you don’t enjoy, your life can be boring and hopeless—how can you be tired of what you love? Though work is exactly a part of life for Andy, he still keeps reflecting himself on the balance of life between work and privacy. There are still too many things that Andy wishes to accomplish in the future; bringing New York-based Taiwanese community closer is the next step that he wants to put into practice. Last but not least, building an international arts school in Taiwan will be Andy Lin’s ultimate goal—with a hope in mind to help with the economy and cultural education in his hometown.