Operations Manager, New York Tong Ren Tang

Andrew Chuang is currently an Operations Manager at New York Tong Ren Tang who is helping the company expand into multiple income streams, including retail, manufacturing, and advertising. After successes in a diverse set of industries, including commercial and fashion photography, television and commercial production, fitness, coaching athletes, and content marketing, Andrew has returned to his family business to continue the work started by his father and brother. As made evident by his many interests and pursuits, Andrew believes in having a broad set of knowledge and abilities and applying them to solve a diverse range of problems, so as to constantly learn, grow, and evolve.

Andrew is currently continuing his education in management from Harvard Business School’s extension program, as well as in computer sciences and software development from The Flatiron School. He holds a BA in digital arts and photography and a BS in chemistry from Stony Brook University.