Account/Project Manager, CSI Technology Group

Educated as a chemist, with a doctoral degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Physical Chemistry, Chinkuei Kuo (“CK”) spent over a decade in scientific research at major universities and institutes. He then left behind the world of nanoscience and microscopy, and turned his focus to developing web-based applications, where his background in data analysis supported his new interests.

CK brought his web design talents to CSI and began as an engineer on the finance module for court case management sytem. He served as an account/project manager responsible for the NJ Judiciary’s InfoShare™ support and management. CK worked closely with the NJ Appellate Division of the Superior Court and with the NJ Supreme Court to design, develop and maintain state-wide electronic filing systems for attorneys (“Appellate eDATA” and “Supreme eFiling”). He was also involved in Bail Reform measures and the interface of eDATA/eFiling with eCourt (NJ state wide trial court electronic filing system) design and implementation.

CK serves as account/project manager for state-wide fusion center case management systems for joint operations between state police and homeland security. Our clients include several states in the northeastern region. CK is actively engaged with them to advance the product and guarantee client success.