T(J)CCNY Growing Together // The Mentoring Learning Lab

We are pleased to share the inaugural Mentoring Learning Lab at T(J)CCNY. The Lab is a fast-paced 4- month (September- December 2019) reciprocal sharing, learning, and executing learning lab propelling world class entrepreneurship, growth, and leadership across TJCCNY and TCCNY on the global business stage.

We believe in learner- led commitment and real-life project execution -- all while growing leaders in business and community.

As space is limited, we encourage applications to be as rich and specific as possible and we will also keep a running list of future interests. Applications close end of July 2019.

Take a look at the application and mentor line-up you might already be inspired to move closer to your business and leadership goals than yesterday.

Thank you for implementing your learning in and/or outside of the Lab. Now let's grow together at T(J)CCNY!

Current mentors include: (English version please refer to the application)
• 營建業:協和門窗(Crystal Windows)董事長陳秋貴、玉山家具董事長江明信、美國好家生態木屋建築公司總經理呂明森、美國大陸工程公司總裁江俊霖博士
• 人工智能(A.I.):圖策智能科技(Graphen) 創辦人兼任執行長林清詠博士
• 金融業:華美銀行資深副總莊宏元、高盛(Goldman Sachs)投資銀行副總林君翰(Vincent Lin)
• 飲食連鎖業:Coco飲品連鎖暨Iris糕點執行長林慶甫
• 健康補給品業:紐約同仁堂總裁莊振輝
• 會計業:達慶聯合會計師事務所創辦人魏十洲、白育青會計師事務所主管合夥人白育青
• 法律界:銳澤律師事務所主管律師王劭文、耿婷律師樓合夥人蔡璧徽 (這兩位律師也一同負責推廣「師徒傳承領航計劃」)

王劭文 Kimvalrie Wang-Neal, Esq.
Principal, Reid & Wise LLC
Industry: Legal Services
Website: http://www.reidwise.com/people/kimneal/

江俊霖 Joey Chiang
President, Core Continental Construction LLC
Industry: Construction
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joey-chiang-8017265/

莊宏元 Dennis Chuang
SVP & Director of Consumer & Business Banking, East West Bank
Industry: Banking
Website: https://www.eastwestbank.com/

莊振輝 Timothy Chuang
Chairman, N.Y. Tung Ren Tang
Industry: Healthcare
Website: https://nytrt.com/

林慶甫 Sam Lin
CEO, IRIS Bakery & CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice
Industry: Food and Retail
Website: https://www.irisbakery.com

林清詠 Ching-Yung Lin, PH. D.
CEO, Graphen, Inc.
Industry: IT
Website: http://www.graphen.ai/

白育青 Yuching James Pai
Managing Partner, James Pai CPA PLLC
Industry: Accounting
Website: http://www.jamespaicpa.com/

魏十洲 Steve Wei
Managing Partner, Wei, Wei & Co., LLP.
Industry: Accounting
Website: http://www.weiweico.com/en/aboutus/execteam/stevewei/

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