Photo credit: Peter Lin

  With massive passions and robust capabilities in quantitative investing, Dr. Peter Lin, once an Industry Professor of Financial Engineering at New Jersey-based Stevens Institute of Technology, now the Managing Director of Gamma Paradigm Capital and Adjunct Faculty at Johns Hopkins University. Gamma Paradigm is an Asset Management Company with a FinTech sister entity in Taiwan.

  Peter’s outstanding academic accomplishments are fully recognized by tons of professionals, which is best shown by naming the second runner-up of the Morgan Stanley Excellence Award in Financial Market back in 2010. The award recognizes the critical importance of finance theory in improving our understanding of how financial markets work.

  Holding a strong sense of mission to import the leading techniques of quantitive finances into Taiwan from Big Apple, Peter intends to extend the advanced development of relevant professional knowledge with the perfect combinations of Taiwan’s potential capital market and technical talents—this is how and why Peter came up with the idea of starting his own business.

  “To start up a company, one of the essential keys is so-called NETWORKING,” said Peter during the interview. Don’t even try to underestimate how many efforts a founder needs to put in when establishing a business— many things are going on in every single minute. Peter insisted that when you are in the process of structuring a business, it is crucial to have people from diversified areas providing the most accurate judgments or expertise. “For instance, when I was struggling for certain things I’m not good at, I know I can reach out to my connection to find who is expert in accounting, business administration, or even design. Accordingly, my team was gradually formed owing to their supports.”

  Peter talked about his entire psychological journey through the startup process and felt particularly grateful of his school advisor back in his doctoral study, who was Director of Quantitative Strategies of Julian Robertson’s Tiger Management and now is the co-founder of Gamma Paradigm Capital. “We became good friends after meeting with each other at school. I shared my ideas and thoughts of starting a hedge fund with him, and he showed the enthusiasm to do this together to me right away. His support so moved me.”

  To Peter, “trustworthiness” is one of the biggest factors that he identified himself with to win his people’s backups. “You need to let people know that your ideas can be justified, and they can trust you wholeheartedly,” said Peter, if you have an idea of creating the business, you should try to build your story based on your personality. You will make progress when people start trusting you.

  Lastly, speaking of success, Peter generously shared, “My definition of success lies in a person’s ability to take good care of different parts of life instead of putting all efforts on working.” Though he spent a large amount of time operating his own business these years, Peter never forgot to express his gratitude toward his beloved parents and wife sincerely. “I dedicated all of my accomplishments to them. I’ll do whatever it takes to repay for my family.”