Join us on January 31st to celebrate the inauguration of the newly elected president and new core team officers!

Happy New Year! As we entered 2020, TJCCNY is preparing a new term of Office. Join us in celebrating the newly elected president, Sylvia Tsai, and some new board members and officers.

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Ticket Price:
$40 General admission (including museum tickets, dinnner, and drinks)
$30 for TJCCNY members exclusively (Discount code will be on confirmation page after signing up

Dear TJCCNY and friends,

It has been an honor to serve our Taiwanese community and beyond in the past year. In this big family, we have had the chance to learn, grow, collaborate with many people, and serve Taiwanese people in the Greater New York area. We are very proud to say that TJCCNY has entered its fourth year since its establishment in 2017.

In this past year, in addition to the Happy Hour and the Seminars we hosted, TJCCNY has co-hosted the United Nation High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development with the STUF United Fund. This forum allowed more people to know that although Taiwan is no longer a member of the United Nation, but we are highly aware of the development of the world. TJCCNY along with our senior chapter TCCNY also launched a Mentoring Learning Lab, in hope to bring the two chapters closer, and share and exchange the experience and expertise with each other.

Time flies, since our inaugural year with first president Peter Lin, and Andy Lin, our former president for the 2nd and 3rd term, we’re very proud and excited to announce that Sylvia Tsai will take the lead and bring TJCCNY to another chapter.

Please join us this month on the 31st to celebrate the year end and beginning of the new year, and welcome our new president!! AND we have many news to announce!

Warm regards,