“The biggest positive of working in a big company is that you get to work with a lot of smart people who are really good at what they do.”, said by Vincent Lin, who joined The Goldman Sachs Group where he spent seven years as an equity research analyst covering the IT Services industry in the Global Investment Research division. As a sales trader in the Prime Services division, Vincent keeps on leading the division’s global effort to analyze trading flows and synthesize investment themes and insights for our clients.

  The Goldman Sachs Group, one of the largest investment banking enterprises in the world, is broadly recognized as the dream company of finance people. Vincent went to UCLA for pursuing Electrical Engineering Bachelor Degree then came to Columbia University holding the Master Degree in Operations Research with a focus on Financial Engineering. After completing the internship in Morgan Stanley while in grad school, he then got admitted to Goldman Sachs and had the opportunity to make influential contributions to the finance industry. Nonetheless, behind those bright and beautiful fames, there are still many hardships that seldom appear in front of the public. “On the other hand, people (especially those who don’t know you well) tend to have biases and views against you because of what they read in the press, etc.”, stated by Vincent Lin, claiming that it’s always impossible to expect the way how every single person sees you as you hope to, especially when you are working inside a leading company.

  One of the most popular all-time prospect for fresh graduates is undoubtedly being a member of large enterprises; Vincent suggested, “other than having the relevant academic and professional credentials, try to focus on being a well-rounded and complete person.” Before heading to an interview, he recommends people to study and learn as much as you can about a company’s business principles and its culture, so-called the “heart and soul” of the company—most importantly, practice, practice, and practice. Furthermore, try to be thoughtful and concise about your answers with the managers, and always have 2 to 3 questions that you prepare to ask during the interview. To quote from Lloyd Blankfein, former chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, “You’ll be more interesting to others, more interesting to yourself and you’ll be more successful in your job.”

  To Vincent, the success is a very personal topic given that it can’t be judged or determined by others but about whether you’ve done enough to fulfill your own ambitions. Being an inclusive part of The Goldman Sachs Group isn’t the end; there are still a lot more things Vincent would like to accomplish and experience in his life journey—being a more rounded person, and giving back to the community will be his next step.